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Director - Livingston Armytage

Dr. Livingston Armytage, Director of the Centre for Judicial Studies, has more than 35 years of experience in consulting, directing programs of judicial education and legal training, practicing law, and managing a substantial law firm. Recent projects include directing national reform programs for multilateral development agencies, needs assessments, strategic planning, course design, training, organizational performance reviews, and evaluations. He is also an adjunct professor of Law at the University of Sydney, and convener of "Law, Justice and Development".

In early 2012, Dr. Armytage was a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, giving seminars also at University of Oxford, SOAS (University of London), Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex), among others.


Seminar at Harvard Kennedy School October 2012



  • Project leader, strategic advisor and technical specialist on ADB, AusAID, UNDP, World Bank and USAID legal projects in Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Cambodia, Vietnam, Haiti, Palestine, Mongolia, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Vietnam and the Pacific Region

  • Consultant to courts throughout the United States and Australia

  • Author of "Reforming Justice -- A Journey to Fairness in Asia", "Searching for Success in Judicial Reform" and "Educating Judges", and numerous referred articles

  • Adjunct Professor of Law, Convener/Presenter of the postgraduate course: "Law, Justice and Development" in the LLM program at the University of Sydney.

  • Education Director of Judicial Commission of New South Wales, 1991-1996

  • Presenter and participant at international conferences including the International Bar Association (IBA), LAWASIA, National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE), Commonwealth Judges & Magistrates Association (CMJA), and Australian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA)

  • Contributor to international journals, such as The Modern Law Review and the Commonwealth Judges Journal, as well as the University of NSW Law Journal

  • Independent reviewer for the Global Corruption Report of Transparency International 2007

  • Founding editor of The Judicial Review, a journal for judges

  • Member of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s working group on the adversarial system, and sits on the board of the University of West Sydney

  • Instructor in the MBA program of the Graduate School of Management


   Director with Justice (Ret.) Shafi-ur Rahman,
   Supreme Court of Pakistan,  
co-leading Pakistan's US$350 million
   judicial reform program

                        18th LAWASIA 4th September 2003

International & National Conferences

  • ADB 2000 Manila

  • US National Association of Courts Management (NACM) 2000 Atlanta

  • Pakistan Judiciary & Bar Association Lecture Tour, International Bar Association (IBA), January 2000 Islamabad

  • AusAID 2000 Canberra

  • Pacific Judicial Conference 1999, Samoa; and 1997, Sydney

  • International Bar Association, 1997, New Delhi

  • LAWASIA, 1997, Manila

  • Australian Law Reform Commission, 1997, Brisbane

  • International Professional Legal Educators Conference, 1996, Sydney

  • Law Societies of NSW & Victoria: Specialists’ Conferences, 1998, 1996

  • NSW Legal Convention, 1995, Sydney

  • International Bar Association, 1994, Melbourne

  • US National Association of State Judicial Educators, 1993 and 1992, San Francisco and Charleston

  • Continuing Legal Education Association, 1994 and 1991

  • Australian Institute of Judicial Administration, 1992, Brisbane

  • Commonwealth Judges & Magistrates Association, 1991, Sydney

  • Australian Law Council, 1991, Gold Coast


  • Access to Justice Reform

  • Human Rights Law Advocacy

  • Case Management and Delay Reduction

  • Judicial Decision-Making and Judgment Writing

  • Dispute Resolution Skills for Judicial Officers

  • ADR and Negotiation Skills

  • Court Room Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Forensic Evidence and Expert Witnesses

  • Train-the-Trainer, Faculty Development and Facilitation Skills

  • Judicial Ethics

  • Needs Assessments and Evaluation Techniques

  • Managing Client Satisfaction

  • Performance Indicators for Legal Practice

  • Strategic Planning and Practice Development

  • Law for Corporate Managers


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